Are policies and procedures enough?

In my last post I elaborated on the concept of developing policies and procedures to help organizations prevent chaos, much like parents create “house rules” to prevent chaos in the home.  However, creating these rules is not enough on its own.  Through experience parents have learned that rules alone do not ensure children will follow [...]

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What are your house rules?


In my last post I mentioned that I am all for work environments characterized as caring and respectful with clear boundaries making everyone feel secure knowing what is and is not acceptable behavior.  In this post I would like to elaborate on one of the first steps to take in achieving a warm and friendly [...]

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Are organizations very big families?

I always hear business owners say all the time that they want their employees to feel as though they are like a large family.  Yet do their employees actually feel as though they are part of that family?  Is this a good thing? I never gave these questions much thought until I had children of [...]

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